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Empowering Projects with Cutting-Edge Marketing Solutions and Seamless Web3 Integration

A pioneering platform that stands at the forefront of integrating the dynamic world of Web3 with the expansive reach of Web2. At its core, GPT360 is designed to serve as a superApp, offering an extensive suite of tools and features that cater to the diverse needs of Web3 project owners and enthusiasts alike.

Chaterium Network
Ultimate Community Engagement Tool

Boosts engagement and user activity by rewarding participation, reinvigorating existing communities, and attracting new members


The event went well, with active engagement.

GPT360 platform is very convenient that allows easy monitoring of statistics due to its simplified interface & also keep track of competitors. Great Work!

Talha Tayyab

Manager (Community & Social Media)

The GPT360 Tool is one of a kind which helped us to boost the engagement within the community.

This will be a game changer for most of the telegram/discord communities. Kudos to the GPT360 Team! Keep up the good work.

We have never seen our community so active, although we did few campaigns previously as well, and the number of msgs surged up, but by initiating the event, it moved quickly and users were happy to be rewarded with tokens based on the number of messages in the chat.

Siddhant Chowdhry

Marketing Manager

It was an absolutely amazing experience, and I would recommend this to anyone looking to boost their community engagement, looking forward to doing more events with you in the future, thank you.


DTC Group

Upgrade Your Journey
with DeFi in the Web3 Era


Maximize your earning potential with our staking options. Earn passive income by staking G360 tokens or boost your engagement with increased rewards and energy per message on the GPT360. Upgrade your defi in the Web3 era with GPT360.


Join our DAO and have a say in shaping the future. Long-term stakers can vote on events, development, listings, and more. Your voice matters in the GPT360 community. Upgrade your defi with us in the Web3 era.

We Bring The Future Closer
We Make Life Easier

Step into a world where the future becomes reality and life becomes effortless. With GPT360's cutting-edge AI features, we revolutionize the way you engage, market, and succeed in the digital era.

Affiliate Networking Hub

Side A

Side B


Transaction Fee Recieved

Forge Valuable Connections

The Affiliate Networking Hub will revolutionize how projects and investors meet and collaborate. Get ready to experience seamless networking!

X Raids Feature




Engage in Community Raids

Prepare for X Raids, where engagement meets excitement. Rally your community and unlock rewards together!

AI Moderation Chat Bot


karma +1

karma -1

Intelligent Conversations Ahead

Our AI Moderation Chat Bot will keep your community positive and productive. Anticipate a new standard in chat moderation.

AI Crypto News

Financial News

Fundraising News

Tech & AI News

Financial News

Fundraising News

Tech & AI News

Personalize your community's newsfeed

Choose topics from finance to crypto, set it on our platform, and our AI bot delivers the latest news directly to your group. Stay informed, effortlessly.

Why Choose GPT360?
Comprehensive Ecosystem for Enhanced Engagement, Adoption, and Collaboration

GPT360 is engineered to bridge the existing divide between the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency ecosystem and the broader digital community, particularly targeting Web2 users. Through a combination of innovative features and a user-centric approach, GPT360 addresses the core challenges identified in the digital and cryptocurrency sectors.

GPT 360:
Frequently Asked Questions

You can find all the details you want to know about the GPT360 here

Chaterium Protocol is a blockchain-based ecosystem that rewards users for active participation in special partnered chats in Telegram or Discord. Users must have at least one NFT keyboard from the Hyperboards collection to start participating in reward mining.

X raids activate user engagement on X social network via Telegram and Discord.

An Affiliate Networking Hub streamlines connections between startups and projects, solving challenges in traditional networking methods.

The Sprint Reward System and Battle Pass in the Chaterium Network drive engagement and recognize active users through fair competition and transparent reward distribution.

The AI Moderation Chatbot is an advanced solution developed by GPT360 to enhance chat moderation and ensure a safe and positive user experience. It utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze and filter messages in real-time, identifying and preventing the display of offensive language, hate speech, spam, or inappropriate content.

The Chaterium Network Dashboard offers community owners insights to optimize engagement, reward active users, and make informed decisions.

AI Crypto News is a feature within GPT360 that aggregates information from trusted sources and media outlets in the cryptocurrency space. It provides users with an analyzed overview of the past week's news, keeping them up-to-date with the latest developments.

Team & Advisors

Nikita K.

CEO & Founder

Viktor L.

CTO & Co-founder

Artjom L.

COO & Co-founder

Anton S.


Yuri S.

Lead Back-End Developer

Yulia P.

Lead Front-End Developer

Albina G.

Art Director


Co-founder, CEO at Blockchain Cuties Universe

Paul Farhi

Founder & CEO at Solidus AI Tech


Tokenomics Audit

Michael Gord

Co-Founder & CEO @ GDA Capital


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